Here you can listen to some of our productions, each of them captures a different family's unique stories and history.

Family members can come here to listen to their stories and you too can browse and get an idea of the special work we do!


A Fully Lived Life - The Story of Bob Magid

It is said that it is better to master your passions than conquer cities. Such is the practice of Robert - Bob - Magid, who travelled across continents to discover his passions - and lived them.

From making toys for little children to creating a documentary film, from leading a nuclear disarmament movement to nursing the wounds of war victims in Israel. From living the life of a refugee - to becoming a real estate tycoon in Australia… not many people get to live a life so full of adventures. This is the inspiring story of Bob Magid, an entrepreneur, a businessman, a father - and a proud Jew.

Moshe Frances-Rachel 1948 Jerusalem_edited.jpg

When History Comes Knocking at Your Door - Rabbi Moshe Sachs

My grandfather Rabbi Moshe Sachs was the Jewish Forrest Gump. He participated in all the big moments of Jewish history, always playing a really small role. My favorite job as a child was walking him home on Friday nights in the cold Jerusalem air when he would tell me stories of his life spent between America and the budding state of Israel.

- Rabbi Mishael Zion


A Story on Two Fronts - The Birnbaum’s Story

Today we’re telling you a story out of Israel. But like most stories from Israel, it doesn’t begin there. This story centers around Ervin and Hadassa Birnbaum. It’s a story that includes at least five countries, several languages and one very big war, World War II. 


Building Roads, Bridges & Family - Carlos Jinich

Few people are capable of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa. Carlos Jinich did it at age 70. How? With a drive that, perhaps, came from his grandmother: an immigrant who went faced off against and then befriended the Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa. With the same drive that led him to build some of Mexico's biggest infrastructure projects.