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Fish or Cut Bait
The Michael (Micha) Balf Story

Each of us is given a name at birth. 

I was born as Michael Balf, in a smalll fishing village in the US.  Yet l lived my adult life as Micha Balf, on a kibbutz in Israel.


For reasons that will become apparent during the podcast, this is a moment of reflection for me. This is a time to look and reflect. This is a time to focus my eyes, and those of others, on my legacy as a person who has always lived between worlds. 

This is a chance to hear from many who have been impacted by my acts and attitudes. The narrative of my life touched others. What do they have to say? How are some of the ways that their lives have been impacted by their interaction with me? 


This podcast tells a tale that will give insights into my world - one in which we can sense how I tried to step up and make changes by actively influencing the people and the surroundings of the worlds that I am a part of.

By living my  life as I have and in the manner that  I have chosen, I hope to have made a difference.


This is my story.    

                                        - Micha Balf

The Michael (Micha) Balf Story
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