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Family Sounds

Your Memories in a Podcast

about us


Family Sounds is dedicated to preserving your history by creating the stories you want to hear. We strive to perfect the art of storytelling with high-quality audio productions that engage and educate listeners and maintain a lasting impact.  

Our team has extensive experience crafting stories for public broadcasting through radio and podcasts. Today, we use our expertise to help tell family stories that preserve legacies. Each production is customized to create an engaging podcast that can be shared with family and friends for generations to come.

how it works


First: Intro & Consultation

Who are the heroes of your story? Tell us about them. We want to know why you came to us, why you think your family member’s story is worth telling and how you’d like to tell it.  This is your chance to influence how we tell your hi-story. Is there anything you would like to include or exclude from your story? Are there questions or topics you would like to explore? We want to to make sure you leave this consultation, confident that you’re getting is what you want.

Step Two: Research & Interviews

After the initial consultation, our veteran producers are good to go!

We make sure to do our research, have an idea of where the story will go and build the structure to sustain it.  Then, a member of our team will schedule an interview with your family representative. We will guide you through the recorded interview, so you feel comfortable, and the stories & memories flow effortlessly.

Third Step: Building your Story

After the interview, we allot a great deal of time to writing, editing and some more researching.  Many ideas, work hours and staff members are put into finishing an episode of Family Sounds. We strive to produce the highest-quality program possible for your family's story. 

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you’d like to pursue a podcast episode for someone you love. 

Leave us a message via our contact form or get in touch directly via email or phone at


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